Philips Graduation Prize - Elfi Hofmeijer

Artificial Intelligence for Nodule Detection

Winner of the Philips Graduation Prize for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

Elfi Hofmeijer, a PhD student in UTwente has won the prize for her research into better integration of AI in the radiology department through the help of technical tools. Her research is about simulating CT images of the lung with visible lung nodules. The malignant variant of the lung nodules can be the result of lung cancer.

If we can simulate medical images well and influence various characteristics thereof, this has two major advantages: current detection algorithms based on AI can be improved and a wide variety of material for practice diagnoses can be created. For example, a lung nodule can be present in different places in the lung and take different shapes. You would like to influence these characteristics. If this is successful, it would give the opportunity to generate more imapes of a disease that is not common. Current detection techniques, which work on the basis of AI, could make use of this by expanding their training with this. In addition, this method also offers opportunities for more practice material in the teaching of Radiology.

Elfi Hofmeijer

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Elfi Hofmeijer
PhD Candidate