Matthijs Oudkerk

Professor of Radiology



Professor Oudkerk is professor of Radiology at the University of Groningen, Chief Scientific Officer of the Institute for Diagnostic Accuracy- iDNA (formerly of the Center of Medical Imaging NORTH EAST NETHERLANDS , NWO research Center of Exellence) and the principal investigator for Radiology of the NELSON lung cancer detection study. Founder and past president of the European Society of Cardiac Radiology and former Chairman of Radiology departments of DDHK Erasmus MC Rotterdam and University Medical Center Groningen. Prof. Oudkerk has a broad insight into new imaging modalities, algorithms and strategies. He is ranked as one the most influential researchers in Radiology in Europe (2019). For his research work he received prestigious grants such as ERC advanced grant, Royal Academy of Sciences of the Netherlands (KNAW), Ministry of Science and Technology of China, NWO, KWF, NKB grants etc.He is lead investigator of the NELSON lungcancer detection study, the ROBINSCA study for coronary disease detection, NELCIN B3 study in China focusing on Lungcancer , coronary artery disease and pulmonary disease in one imaging test. Many of the current and new guidelines are derived from his original work. For example- Diagnostic management strategies for pulmonary embolism, lungcancer screening, imaging of the myocardial ischaemic cascade etc-furthermore the introduction of High Power Gradient Magnetic Resonance Imaging and body MRI in Europe- Introduction of the first continuous rotating spiral computed tomography scanner. Prof. Oudkerk was invited as a member of the medical advisory board of Siemens AG, Germany for development of the first continuous rotating spiral CT and has been part of this board until the development of the current volume multi-detector CT scanners pushing forward the need for higher temporal resolutions in CT scanning comparable with EBT. With his researchteam he initiated the field of CT coronary imaging; / EBT coronary angiography- use of volume rendering for cardiac CT- fly-through coronary arteries on CT (CT angioscopy)- MDCT coronary angiography- 4D MDCT coronary visualization- MDCT thrombus detection in ACS- and he initiated in the field of CT lung cancer screening new management strategies for early lung cancer detection of the prospective multi-center lung cancer screening study (NELSON) since 2000. Other research activities are non-invasive testing of coronary atherosclerosis ( by- passing more than 20 indirect tests), imaging of liver metastasis, coronary calcium scoring, vena cava stenting, MR infarct imaging, CT recognition of acute aortic dissection, infusion rate of contrast agents in small bowel imaging /, as well as the concept of high power gradient body MR generating many spin-off scientific publications. He has an influential vision on the future of imaging and health care, which has been rewarded with international awards and invitations to lecture on (inter-)national platforms Prof. Oudkerk has achieved to independently receive external financing for several research projects. Cooperation with international partners throughout the world (among others, England, Poland, USA, China) in multidisciplinary multi-center studies. Prof. Oudkerk is inspiring many (inter-)national students to start their PhD research in his department, resulting in several PhD defenses per year.Prof Oudkerk published more than 555 peer reviewed articles, is cited over 20,000 times with an H-index >70 (Scopus June 2019). Key publications in NEJM, Lancet, Thorax, Circulation, JACC, Eur Heart, Radiology, Lancet Oncology, etc.