Christoph Brune

Associate Professor Intelligent Imaging


Christoph Brune is an associate professor in applied mathematics in the Faculty of Electrical Engineer, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) at the University of Twente. He is an applied mathematician and computer scientist with expertise in artificial intelligence, medical imaging, deep learning for inverse problems and mathematical modeling. In 2010 he obtained a PhD in Mathematics with Prof. Burger from the University of Münster on ‘4D Imaging in Tomography and Optical Nanoscopy’ in imaging science and inverse problems with the highest German honours degree supported by the German Telekom foundation. He worked for the European Institute for Molecular Imaging within the German excellence cluster ‘Cells in Motion’. He gained international research experience as a CAM Assistant Professor in the groups of Prof. Stanley Osher and Prof. Andrea Bertozzi at the UCLA. His research focus is the mathematical understanding and development of AI methods combining model- and data-driven approaches via geometric deep learning for intelligent imaging. Christoph Brune is involved in EU projects like ‘NoMADS’ for mathematical data science research with academic and industry partners in the H2020 EU-RISE exchange program, large EU Innovative Medicine Initiatives like ‘CancerID’ with 36 hospitals and industry partners in Europe and a national 4TU Precision Medicine cluster with the goal of pioneering AI methods with model-driven approaches in medical imaging. In the previous 5 years he has given more than 40 invited talks at international conference and workshops on imaging, inverse problems and deep learning.